High quality Japanese Kombu for UMAMI from Okui Kaiseido®

Dashi forms the basis of Japanese cuisine and Kombu is essential for making Dashi.

Kombu is a healthy and tasty ingredient with rich dietary fibers, minerals, and UMAMI.

About Kombu

Kombu contains glutamic acid, a type of amino acid with UMAMI. The UMAMI of glutamic acid can be boosted by aging the Kombu and it also synergistically increases by combining it with inosine acid included in dried bonito. Kombu is also rich in dietary fibers, calcium, and iodine. Its Alkaline nature helps to keep balance with acidic foods such as meat and fish.

Four major Kombu from Hokkaido

  • Risirhi Kombu
  • Ma Kombu
  • Rausu Kombu
  • Hidaka Kombu

Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu®

All the Rishiri Kombu is preserved and aged at a special Kombu aging cellar with appropriate temperature and humidity using the Kuragakoi technique like preserving wine. The method lightened the smell of the sea and unfavorable tastes of flesh Kombu and allows the true UMAMI to stand out.

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Our Kuragakoi Kombu Warehouse

Okui Kaisieido has renovated its Kombu Aging Kuragakoi Warehouse in June 2020. It still preserves aged Rishiri Kombu harvested in 1989.

Please come visit our Kuragakoi Kombu warehouse to experience top-quality aged Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu and other quality Kombu products.

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Chefs visiting our Kombu warehouse

We are so honored to welcome award-winning chefs all over the world at our headquarter in Fukui where various vintage Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu are preserved.

Thanks for coming Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz & Chef Yoshirhiro Narisawa, Chef Régis Marcon, Chef René Redzep, Chef Thomas Frebel, Chef Peter Gilmore, Chef David Bouley, and more.

About Us

Okui Kaisieido® is a leading high-quality Kombu purveyor in Japan established in 1871. Our Kombu has been used by award-winning restaurants and chefs all over the world, and also, we have been serving Kombu products for consumers looking for great UMAMI.

Okui Kaiseido is the proud sponsor of the Gift-in-Kind program of The Culinary Institute of America.

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