Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu®


Cellar preserved special aged Rishiri Kombu

Left: 1 year Kuragakoi aged      Center: 20 years Kuragakoi aged        Right: 10 years Kuragakoi aged 

It is obvious that the color of the Dashi differs depending on the Kuragakoi vintage. Just like a maturing wine, this premium cellar preserved Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu® offers a rich and delicate flavor and aroma. The longer it ages, the richer and deeper the aroma and flavor and only Umami remains. Seaweedy flavor is gone.

Rebun Island and Rishiri Island in Hokkaido produce the best Rishiri Kombu. Perfect terroir for growing Kombu.

Okui Kaiseido has been preserving premium Rishiri Kombu at special Kuragakoi cellar since 1989. It is comparable to vintage wine cellar and the Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu® warehouse now has 31 different vintage Rishiri Kombu.