Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu®

-Our signature, one and the only cellar preserved Rishiri Kombu

-Essential ingredients for Kaiseki Cuisine in Kyoto

-Mainly used for making premium Dashi with elegant flavor

-Aged for 1+ years using Kuragakoi technique

-Harvested at Rebun Island or Rishiri Island in Hokkaido

-Two different grades; 1st or 4th

-Package unit: 500g

Ma Kombu / Yamadashi Kombu

-Essential ingredients for curing food especially seafood (Kobujime or Kombujime)

-Also used for making Dashi

-Also produced as Shiraita Kombu, Tororo Kombu, Oboro Kombu by shredding or shaving

-Harvested at the southern beach in Hokkaido

-1st grade only

-Package unit: 500g

Rausu Kombu

-Mainly used for making strong Dashi and curing food

-Also used for making simmered Kombu

-Harvested at the northeast beach in Hokkaido

-3rd grade only

-Package unit: 500g

Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu

-Mainly used for making simmered dishes or Kombu garnish

-Essential ingredients for Japanese Oden or Kombu roll (Kombu Maki)

-Harvested at the mid-south beach in Hokkaido

-1st grade only (Premium beach and Standard beach)

-Package unit: 500g

Premium Shio Kombu

-Seasoned Kombu Strip made from Ma Kombu

-The outside dries while the inside remains soft giving it a wonderful texture

-Great for topping for salad, rice, ochazuke etc

-Package unit: 500g

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